A Morning with Travel & Lifestyle Blogger – Tessa

Sweet & Short, I just wanted to share this lifestyle shoot with Tessa, who loves to travel and has her own blog, which will also now be focusing on Lifestyle topics here in Tel Aviv 🙂 I love my days documenting, photographing weddings, but as with Couples Engagement Shoots, Portraits bring such a quiet, peaceful, & intimate moment into peoples lives and their inner workings. Getting to spend the morning with this gem, in her lovely Tel Aviv apartment was perfect. As we chatted, we sipped on cinnamon infused coffee & delish cakes from the Russian bakery down the street. Enjoy a glimpse into Tessa’s little creative universe today..

Loving this sunlit home office. Nestled for inspiration & a smooth creative flow, Tessa writes most of her Travel & Tel Aviv Lifestyle blogs here.

Luna, you little goddess, getting in on the action 🐱💕

Everybody needs a killer headshot

To all the ‘work from home’ tribe, cheers to the #CreativeHustle. Youre killing it!

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