ABOUTMy Story & Inspiration - Israel & Destination Wedding Photographer


Hi! Im Lauren,

I was born in London but grew up along the gorgeous coast line of Southern France. Im soon to be married myself! to a tall, dark & handsome Israeli man, who shares my home & heart with our fluffy dog, Olive. We live in the vibrant city of Tel Aviv, but I love to travel and have been fortunate in capturing destination weddings across Europe.

Storyteller above all, photography is my pen of choice! My goal. To capture the mood that surrounds us all. Making it palpable. So that each image captures the essence, spirit and vibe of your day perfectly.

I look to create images that glow back the dynamic duo you are. You’re love, quirks, and each beautiful detail that makes up your story. I have vowed devotion to the beauty that is natural light photography, but work with what ever nature gives me, and never miss a beat on the dance floor, with all the crazy lights shining up the night sky. A relaxed, unobtrusive approach, with a love for the outdoors and all that beckons adventure. I feel at home most places my feet touch the ground (I have a little bit of vertigo ;). Basically, every day Im reminded how smitten I am, to be able to follow my passion & to do the one thing I know I was meant for.

I love authentic days, full of love and life. Weddings that are intimate, adventurous and real. Getting to know new people is the cherry on top, and it brings me no better pleasure than to hear the story of how two people came colliding together, and found love in each others arms.

Tel Aviv Wedding Photographer is a title, but getting to tell stories of Love, thats Life.

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